Welcome to inea GmbH

Inea GmbH is a successful consultancy company with longstanding international working experience. Our strength lies in business development and performance improvement in the energy sector. In every case we are dealing with energy !

We provide a clear perspective towards realising your business's full potential, with integrity, intelligence and thorough knowledge of the challenges involved. Structuring is our specialty, as are strategical planning and identifying new marketing opportunities.

We will assist in initiating and implementing improvements and new processes, with the clear objective of bringing about sustainable success. Monitoring progress permits the necessary flexibility to adjust to challenges as they arise. New challenges require new solutions.

We are solution oriented and are in a position to provide objective external advice while maintaining close contact with our client. We prefer to work on an exclusivity basis, while assuring you of our full commitment to any project we undertake to work on.

Action is the foundational key to all success."

Pablo Picasso